High blood pressure is called the “silent killer” because it often has no warning signs or symptoms, and many people do not know they have it. High blood pressure can harden your arteries, which decreases the flow of blood and

By living a healthy lifestyle, you can help keep your blood pressure in a healthy range and lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. A healthy lifestyle includes: Eating a healthy diet. Maintaining a healthy weight. Getting enough physical

  Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents. Children who are obese are above the normal weight for their age and height. The body mass index (BMI), which provides a guideline of weight in relation

  Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person’s weight and height. BMI is used as an screening tool to identify possible weight problems for adults/childs. However, BMI is not a diagnostic tool. BMI correlates to direct

  Obesity has truly become a worldwide problem, affecting countries rich and poor. More than one-third (36.5%) of U.S. adults have obesity. Healthy behaviors include a healthy diet pattern and regular physical activity. Energy balance of the number of calories

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